Transforming Higher Education Al Mashreq University

A Success Story of ERP Implementation
May 4, 2023 by
Transforming Higher Education Al Mashreq University
Wassim Ghannoum

University Name: Al Mashreq University
Country: Iraq
Industry: Education
Main Apps Implemented: Enrolments, Accounting, Inventory, Project, CRM, Purchase, Email Marketing, Sales, Leaves/Times Off, Expenses, Recruitment , Invoicing, Helpdesk, Website, Marketing Automation, Purchase, Timesheet, e-Commerce, Events, Documents, Social Marketing, eLearning, e-Sign
Company Size: 150+

About Al Mashreq University

With over 5,000 students, Al Mashreq University holds a prominent position as a leading educational institution in Baghdad, Iraq.
The university includes several faculties, including dentistry / pharmacy / medical science techniques / law / administrative and financial sciences. The university also includes Many distinguished scientific laboratories that keep pace with the knowledge renaissance in all sectors of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.
The University of Mashreq is distinguished by its green spaces that help create an interactive scientific atmosphere, as well as the presence of spacious and uniquely air-conditioned classrooms with a library that covers the needs of students from scientific references as the university seeks To establish scientific bases for the specialized electronic library.

Time to Digitalize

Digitalization has become increasingly important for universities in the modern era. By embracing technology, Al Mashreq university improved their efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness.
One of the key benefits of implementing Odoo was automating student registration, grade management (Master sheet based on Iraqi regulations), and scheduling, which can reduce errors and improve accuracy.
Digitalization also offered the university new ways of teaching using Odoo eLearning and online exams, and exam OMR bubble sheet auto correction, which enhanced accessibility and flexibility for students.
Furthermore, digitalization enabled Al Mashreq university to leverage data analytics to gain insights into student performance and behavior, facilitating personalized learning and targeted interventions. Overall, the benefits of digitalization for Al Mashreq are many, including improved efficiency, effectiveness, competitiveness, and student outcomes.

The main business points that Al Jawad customized for Al Mashreq university on Odoo included:

Localization: Issuing many type documents with different formatting, Arabic & English translation, Iraq chart of account, Iraq Payroll, Ministry of education master sheet rules

Gates Integration: Once a student enroll, the ID card design is generated by Odoo and sent to the IT department to print it, also Al Jawad integrated Odoo with their access control, so the student can use his card to open the gate (There was two type of gates: free and Parking paid rechargeable cards)

Gmail Integration: Once a student a student enroll his email is automatically created and registred under the university Gmail Account.

Exam Auto correction: Instructors can define exam in the backend and print the questions and the answers sheet as well, each answer sheet has a QR code that include the exam and the student ID.Once the exam is done, papers are scanned with a scanner that support SMTP and that send an email of the results directly to Odoo. Odoo Auto correct the exams and send the students their results accordingly (Accuracy up to 97.85%).

Other features: Student Portal, ID Printing, President Dashboard, Master Sheet, Sessions auto scheduling based on instructors availability and room availability.