Morgan International continues their global reach

April 7, 2023 by
Morgan International continues their global reach
Mostafa Zaydan

Company Name: Morgan International 
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Education
Main Apps Implemented: Accounting, Inventory, Project, CRM, Purchase, Email Marketing, Sales, Leaves/Times Off, Expenses, Recruitment , Invoicing, Helpdesk, Website, Marketing Automation, Purchase, Timesheet, e-Commerce, Events, Documents, Social Marketing, eLearning, e-Sign
Company Size: 100+

About Morgan International

Morgan International is a leading regional professional education and training services provider who over 25 years have reached global reach across 32 locations worldwide including France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Morgan has a broad portfolio of training programs that include certifications, diplomas, workshops, and Continuing Professional Education courses across seven industries: accounting, auditing, finance, human resources, supply chain & logistics, digital marketing and retail. The team’s objective is to equip professionals with key skills, knowledge, and expertise to grow in today's rapidly evolving world. 

Time to Upgrade

Prior to Odoo being introduced in 2018, the team at Morgan International were working on an  ERP software called Getadministrate that was unable to handle the growth of the brand. Morgan decided to work with Al Jawad Software House, an Odoo Gold Partner, to help migrate their immense database of all candidates. It was a challenging initiative, since the requirements was too complicated and their database held a lot of uncleaned data, but Al Jawad was able to assist every step of the process. What originally started as a plan to only use Odoo’s marketing solution Apps, soon became a full fletch implementation of the Odoo’s software. The main business points that Al Jawad customized for Morgan on Odoo included:

Localization: Printing documents in English, Arabic & French. Multiple accounting rules (Lebanon, Jordan, KSA, UAE, Canada, India, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many more). It was not about translation or just importing COA but in some cases there's structural changes to the invoice format.

Data migration: 17 years of data from 145 companies has been fully imported. The team had to import all the records including attendance, invoice lines, quotations, registrations, etc.

Accounting customization including Custom SOA and custom payment terms 

Multiple eCommerce sites (Europe, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi, Canada, India, Others), each site with different data, different payment gateways and different pricing

Many custom payment gateways: Cybersource,  Authorize, Stripe, PayTabs, Chase, NetworkAE.

Introducing the curriculum concept to generate class topics automatically based on predefined topics

301 website redirects based on website old links

Marketing & Expenses Integration in order to compute the ROI and the cost per acquisition and the cost per lead accurately

eLearning customization (Vimeo Integration), Scorm files processing

Students onboarding customized process

Integration with suppliers portal

Custom social media integration

Students certificates generation with Morgan branding

Instructors payroll generation (based on class attendance) and instructors rating

Automated communications and reminders for students

Corporates accounts reports

Reference: Odoo Customer Reviews