Revving Up Efficiency: A Case Study of Odoo ERP Implementation at Rak Motors

Full ERP Implementation
March 2, 2023 by
Revving Up Efficiency: A Case Study of Odoo ERP Implementation at Rak Motors
Abdel Wahab Ayoubi

Country/Region: Ras Al Khaima, United Arab Emirates
Industry: Automotive
Apps Implemented: Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, Manufacturing, PLM, Quality, Maintenance, Accounting, Studio, Helpdesk, CRM, Sales
Company Size: <100
Implementation Type: On-Cloud

The Company
Rak Motors are serving UAE for many years with excellent customer service and top-notch knowledge about the vehicle industry. Their current lineup includes trusted vehicle brands such as Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan.

Rak Motors wanted to consolidate their business operations under one software. Al Jawad software house (Odoo Gold Partner) suggested they try Odoo. We visited the clients few times and we met and their departments to define the scope of work.

We demonstrated Odoo and how it can streamline Rak Motors operations. Some of the modules available in Odoo ERP include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing (Quality), Maintenance, Barcode (Accounting), Approval (Studio), and Help Desk.

On top of the available modules a lot of customized work was done to meet the client requirements and to minimize the human errors especially when it comes to the work shop and the materials consumption.

Simplified Operations & Sales Management With Odoo
Using Odoo Rak Motors was able to automate the followings features:

- Communication with  Banks and collection downpayment from the end customer and generating the related accounting entries and all the bank letters and documents accordingly

- Communication with Insurance companies and generating reparing orders and getting approvals online on the estimations while attaching all the related documents (Photos, Police report, etc..)

- Spare Part Management and auto matching with the vehicle models

- Plate numbers management

- Odo Meter integration and logging all the transactions on the vehicle

- Customer communication for approval and digital signature

- Payment followup

- Internal workflows and approvals

- Marketing tools

- Car sales and Car registration process with some extra PDF reports

- Payroll based on UAE localization