Enhance team communication

Group and private chat, integrated with all modules

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Odoo Discuss app - screenshot of a conversation

Engage in conversation with colleagues

A powerful communication tool.

Drive discussions between all levels of your company. Get an overview of the topics being discussed and all the new messages in the module's news feed.

Odoo Discuss interface showing notifications for messages
Odoo Calendar's interface with the Discuss app open in the bottom right corner of the screen

Chat live from anywhere

Keep conversations open in other modules.

Turn your conversation into a pop-up window to continue chatting within other Odoo modules.

Create channels & private groups

Closeup of Odoo Discuss' interface showing how to create a new Channel

Start a discussion with public channels and allow any employee to join the conversation. Create private channels to invite only a selected group of people.

Send notifications

Closeup of a log note showing how to notify a single person

Personalize the way notifications are sent to minimize mailbox pollution while making sure important messages get through. Specify who gets what message and when.

Integrated with all modules

Keep track of all actions within one window

Choose how you want notifications to be handled, add followers to tasks, schedule activities, send messages and notifications, and chat, all from one single screen. See what colleagues are up to and how quickly they can respond to messages by checking their status and stay connected with them and partners throughout applications.

Closeup of Odoo's interface to show how to follow a discussion

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