Accounting Software for various business sectors

Odoo software streamlines financial transactions and record-keeping. It includes invoicing, bookkeeping, budget management, payroll processing, tax preparation, and generates comprehensive financial reports.

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Bank feeds
Import Bank Records, Handle PDC, Simplify Reconciliation
Recurring invoicing
Handle regular bills and monitor your expenses
Flexible & adaptable billing with online payment
Localized Accounting
Adapted to comply with your country regulations
An Odoo customer's invoice

Advanced tax invoice

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    ERP accounting software that is compatible with ZATCA e-invoicing standards and supports multiple currencies
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    Streamlined customer portal for fast payments and one-click access to Statement of Account (SOA)
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    Customize payment terms to match customer arrangements
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    Assign each invoice line to the corresponding job cost or cost center
SMART financial asset management

Comprehensive asset control at your service

Depreciation board
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Utilize automatic reconciliation suggestions and effortlessly record additional journal items

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Create your own asset models to automate depreciation entries completely.

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AI invoice digitization

Utilizing OCR and artificial Intelligence for seamless invoice document encoding in accounting.

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Automatically allocate the accrual amount across multiple accounting entries to mirror your deferred revenue and expenses.

No matter where you are, we have you covered

Financial Localization Bundles
to align with your country requirements

Odoo Accounting comes ready with pre-configured settings that perfectly match your country's requirements. It covers charts of accounts, tax regulations, specialized reporting, electronic invoicing, audit files, and fiscal positions. This guarantees that the right tax rates and account assignments will apply automatically.

Localization packages for UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan.

Design your accounting reports
to match your preferences

Odoo Accounting balance sheet
Immediate, versatile, and adaptable reports

Add notes to financial reports or export them to Excel and access the detailed information.

Limitless reports

To enable you to effectively oversee your financial and legal documentation.

Compliant tax filings

Receive tax reports compliant with government regulations, available in both accrual and cash basis accounting methods.

Analyze your data across different time periods

Select your preferred timeframes and promptly observe the comparison of your financial data.

Built-in Spreadsheets

Create, assess, and retain your accounting reports within Odoo spreadsheets, harnessing the advantages of data handling and communication.

Retrieve detailed financial transaction

Easily see financial specifics transactions by clicking report lines.

Track and evaluate your numbers to foster business growth

Multi Cost Centers

Simplify the allocation of cost centers on invoices and bills through a specialized custom widget

Multi dimensions accounting

Manage numerous analytical plans and sub-plans to tailor your own multi-dimensional analytical framework

Structural accounting

Automatically organize your analytical accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, and more

Budget monitoring

Establish multiple budget plans and conduct comparisons between actual and anticipated revenues and expenses

Best accounting software suitable for
businesses of various sizes and accounting firms

The next era of accounting software

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    Sharp and detailed clients dashboard
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    Cooperative communication system
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      Full online financial software
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      financial risk supervision
Odoo Accounting smart reconcilation
Our lovely customers

What our clients say

Bmb Logo
E. Yacoub
CTO of BMB move

Al Jawad team has a special spirit, they are always eager to help and guide.

Bahar group logo
M. Sidiq
Country Director of Bahar Group of companies

Al Jawad implemented a fully integrated solution that makes our process much more automated and accurate.

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H. Nazari Mehrabi

Al Jawad were not only professional in implementation, but also they advised us on the right procedures, processes and SOPs.

Eliminate Manual Transaction Recording

Odoo accounting module seamlessly integrates with other apps

Transform quotations into polished invoices with a single click and export your data into spreadsheet formats.


Keep your inventory valuation by synchronizing each transaction with your stock records.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Enhance your accounting reporting capabilities with the integrated Spreadsheets feature.


Generate project tasks automatically from sales orders.

Answers simplified

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Odoo is not entirely a free accounting software. It offers two versions: Community and Enterprise. The Community version is free but includes only the invoicing module, lacking the full accounting module.

On the other hand, the Enterprise version provides the complete accounting module but comes with a cost.
You can use Odoo accounting for free with one app limitation, and this applies to an unlimited number of users.

Odoo is a ready-to-use accounting software, but it's important to understand that each client has different needs.

In this context, Al Jawad plays an important role by setting up systems, moving data, teaching clients about Odoo, and matching business needs with Odoo functions.

This adaptation process often involves tapping into an extensive library of specialized resources developed to address diverse client needs or resorting to custom development when necessary.

Yes, Odoo offers both on-premises and cloud-based versions of its accounting software, providing flexibility for users.

Yes, Odoo is known for its seamless integration capabilities, allowing you to connect accounting with other Odoo modules and third-party applications.

Al Jawad provides both onsite and remote training options, along with a range of support resources, to assist users in effectively utilizing the software.

Can I import my existing financial data into Odoo accounting software?

You can start with a balance or transfer all your old financial data, even if it's not perfect.
In cases of full historical data migration, we may employ data cleansing algorithms to ensure accuracy. This approach will facilitate more robust future analysis. Additionally, you can explore our distinct AI-powered forecasting solutions for added benefits.

Indeed, our team includes financial experts who hold the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification.

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