Field service features

Clean and Fast


All the tools you need are gathered in a single app. No need to switch from one app to another at each step of your workflow.

User-Driven Development

The app displays only the data you need and helps you keep your focus on what truly matters: providing top-notch services to your customers.


Manage everything easily on the move, from a single app, everywhere.

Modern User Interface

A fast user interface designed for modern project management. Get all the information you need wherever you need it.

Reduce data entry

Field Service is connected to many other Odoo apps and makes your data entry easier and faster. Automate more, save time.



Create as many projects as you want to organize your tasks, define specific settings for each project, and get separate reports. This feature is particularly useful to manage multiple teams or locations.

Time Tracking

Track your working time directly from the task's menu with the integrated timer, and invoice it automatically.

Tasks from SO

Tasks generated from Sales Orders (SO) directly refer to the delivery address of the customer.

Kanban View

The default kanban view helps you stay organized by giving you a clear overview of your tasks, grouped however you want them to be.

Map view

View your next appointments on a map, get more information by clicking on a task, and directly find the itinerary.



Organize all the tasks and make sure the employees' shifts are correctly planned.

Unassigned tasks

Manage unassigned tasks easily and assign them with a simple drag-and-drop.

Day, week, month view

Display your schedule in Gantt and Calendar views by day, week, or month.

Avoid conflicts

You get a warning if multiple tasks are scheduled at the same time for an employee.

Sales & Inventory

Fast quotations

Create a polished quote in seconds. Use predefined products, price lists, payment terms, and quotation templates.

Customizable worksheets

Design your worksheet templates with all the fields that you need to provide your customers with detailed reports.


Your customer can sign the reports directly from the mobile app.

Add products

Add salable products with a single tap.

Instant Invoices

Create draft invoices directly from the task's form, prefilled automatically with the tracked working time and all the products.

Customer Portal

View and manage, tasks, quotations, and invoices through the customer portal.

Link with Inventory

Define a default warehouse per employee and add tracked products by lot or serial numbers to tasks.


Tasks Analysis

Create all kinds of reports for your tasks, based on the measures, filters, and time ranges that you want.

Worksheets Analysis

Get reports based on the worksheet templates used in the reports.


Use beautiful bar charts, line charts, or pie charts to display your reports.

Pivot Table Analysis

Create advanced pivot tables and export the data in .xls files to open it in other programs.