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Al Jawad offer Odoo ERP Software solutions to businesses of all sizes. We have been providing Odoo solutions for over 12 years, and we have a team of experienced and certified Odoo professionals. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer support. Our track record is successful in assisting businesses of all sizes to increase their efficiency with Odoo.

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Our goal is to serve you. Our vertical ERP Products  provides industry tailored solutions to help businesses streamline their processes, increase productivity, and maximize their ROI. 

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Our team of ERP consultants work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. The consultants then create customized ERP solutions to address these requirements. Finally, they implement the solutions.

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NorthTelecom is a leading global satellite service provider, provisioning satellite communications and ICT service both on land and at sea.

The implementation was not an easy process, and it required significant time, resources, and commitment. However, with the full support and dedication of  Al Jawad software house  supported North Telecom. As a result, North Telecom was able to deploy the new system successfully.

North Telecom


We provide vertical solutions for different type of industries

Odoo Automotive Solution
Odoo Automotive

Stay ahead of the curve with Our innovative Automotive solutions.

Odoo Education Solution
Odoo Education

Transform Your Learning Experience with Our educational solutions.

Odoo Construction solution
Odoo Construction & Engineering

Simplify Your construction management with Our solutions.

Odoo Distribution solutions
Odoo Distribution

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Our Distribution Software.

Odoo Equipment Management
Odoo Equipment

Maximize Your Equipment's Potential with Our tools.

Odoo Fashion

From Design to Delivery - Our Software Powers Your Fashion Manufacturing.

Odoo logistics service solution
Odoo Logistics Service Providers

Empowering Your logistics operations with Our 3PL software solutions.

Odoo FMCG Solutions

Accelerate Your FMCG Business with Our Innovative software solutions.

Odoo High-tech solutions
Odoo High-Tech

Boost Your Retail Operations with Our Easy-to-Use Software solutions.

Odoo Chemicals manufacturing
Odoo Chemicals

Innovative solutions for the Future of Chemical Manufacturing.

Odoo healthcare solutions
Odoo Healthcare

Improving Patient Outcomes with Our Easy-to-Use Healthcare solutions.

Odoo Consulting solutions
Odoo Consulting

Empowering Your Consulting Practice with Our Innovative comprehensive solutions.

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